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Library News

Library director with Masonic Lodge representative standing next to boxes of new computers

November 2008

Masons Donate to Library

Lynne Stutz, Librarian, and Steve Dickey, representing the Cheyenne Wells Masonic Lodge are pictured with new computers purchased by East Cheyenne County Library District with $4500 in funds donated by the Masons. One computer is up and running the the other two will be installed over the Thanksgiving holiday for public access. Computers are heavily used in the library as this is the only public access to computers. These are Dell Optiplexes, big word dog computers, and will also be used for training the public with classes planned in the near future.

Lynne is always searching for ways to upgrade and maintain our great library, applied for the monies from the Masons with a letter describing the need for the equipment and what they would be used for. She also applied for and was granted a Library People Grant which has purchased new software, the latest in a professional suite which includes a multitude of programs.

East Cheyenne Library District was recently approved as a project in the Enterprise Zone. With this designation, donations to the library are a win-win. They not only help out our library, but allow for a wuite off on your state taxes.

Our citizens sincerely thank the Masons and many others who donate, volunteer, and work hard to provide this fantastic service to our community and many individuals county-wide.

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